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To take away effects of stress and depression, to increase your self-esteem you will be helped with art therapy sessions.

Under the guidance of a highly trained psychotherapist, you will carry all your fears, hidden desires, unrealistic dreams, and internal conflicts on the canvas. This harmonizes the psyche and achieves mental balance.

Art therapy helps to express your emotions and feelings through creativity, and the pictures that are created at the same time, are of auxiliary importance and are used to understand human experiences and problems.

The main task of art therapy is to discover self-expression and expression in order to achieve spiritual harmony.

Treatment with art doesn’t require special abilities and talents, it is a safe, universal and pleasant method of psychotherapy which has a positive effect on people of all ages.

Visit the Art Therapy session - set your creativity free and achieve harmony!

Specialists of Med-Palace Medical Center constantly develop new procedures that will only help to strengthen your health.