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The Med-Palace balneary provides a wide range of instrumental physiotherapy, hydrotherapy and balneotherapy procedures.

Hydrotherapy is an external use of fresh water for treatment, prevention and medical rehabilitation in its pure form or with the addition of various substances (pine needle extract, valerian, mustard, etc.). The basis of hydrotherapeutic procedures effect on the body is a combination of temperature and mechanical stimuli of different strengths that complement each other.

Balneotherapy involves treatment with natural mineral water. The mineral water consists of almost the entire periodic table elements. Balneotherapy courses held at the Med-Palace balneary help our guests to get rid of many ailments and are also effective as wellness, rehabilitation and preventive measures.

The list of diseases treated with water is quite significant: liver, gastrointestinal tract, urinary tract, uretic arthritis diseases, rheumatism, and kidney diseases. Balneotherapy is also recommended for various skin diseases: neurodermatitis, psoriasis, eczema, dermatoses, urticaria, ichthyosis, lichen ruber planus.

Excellent Med-Palace balneary outcomes are provided by comprehensive methods and treatment programs in which the hydrotherapy and instrumental physiotherapy procedures are combined with the intake of mineral waters.